Mtn Freebrowsing-Get 100mb for 50# and 1GB for 250#


How Can I Get 100mb On Mtn For 50naira? It is very simple, there is no cheat attached to it.
This is supported by MTN and it is very legal, in case you are the religious type.
Please follow these steps to get the 100mb on your MTN sim card for just 50naira.
Step 1 Send in a text message TI to 33988 to get the 100mb 50naira
T2 to 33988 to get 1gigabyte for 250naira
T3 to 33988 to get 2gigabyte for 450naira


Make sure the 50naira airtime in your account is deducted, also make sure you receive the message in the screenshot below.
Yello! Your MobiSafe Backup Account Id: 234902602 and Password BLAH blah blah.. and
Yello! You are successfully subscribed for 100mb on the MobiSafe Backup service. Cost N50/month. Expires ..... blah!
To unsubscribe, send Stop to 33988 Depends on the Plan you choosed...
It doesn't matter the type of phone you are using. It works like your normal megabyte.
It rocks!!!
If you see that it didn't connect,off your phone and on it back.Now connect

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