How to change your blogger blogspot display name

When i was creating my blogger blogspot account, my fist mistake was using a display name i don't like simply because i wasn't too such if i needed a blogger account. Soon after successful creating the account, as funny as it may sound, it was difficult for me changing my display name.

from research i made, i found out that a lot of newbies under blogger platform are faced with the same funny problem so today, i am go tell you newbies how to change your display name to your preferred name just in case u run into the same problem.

Step 1: log into your blogger account.
Step 2: On your dashboard on the right hand corner of your screen, there is an option just select blogger profile
Step 3: move to edit profile, under this option, is identity. under identity, are three option namely username, Email address, and display name. simply click on it then edit your display name.

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